Friday, August 22, 2014

MoYou Nails Stamping Plate Review

I am sure you have heard of MoYou London, but have you heard of MoYou Nails

"These two companies were one time business partners, but they split into two separate ones with similar yet different. In regards to the difference between MoYou Nails and MoYou London, we are two completely separate companies.  The gentlemen behind MoYou Nails and MoYou London were at one time business partners, but as commonly happens in business, they differed in their visions for the future of the company and eventually split. Thus, you have the two different companies with similar name and concept."

I was sent a stamper set and few plates from MoYouNails to review. I must say this is my favorite scraper! It does not damage the plate unlike the metal scrapers. The stamper is nice and squishy. I inserted a picture after I tried out the items. It hold up pretty well after multiple uses! The scraper can easily be cleaned off. The stamping polish is good quality as well. The black polish was nice and thick. The white polish a little thinner, but still thick enough to stamp with. I decided to stamp with other polish too so you can see how the plates worked in case you were not able to purchase the entire set.

This is plate #N21. It has four full nail designs that are 1.5 cm x 1.25 cm in size. There is also a small leaf design on the side. 

I decided to try the design with dots and curves. I swatched China Glaze 'Capacity To See Beyond' and used China Glaze 'New Birth' for stamping. The pattern transferred very nicely!
I think the manicure turned out very nicely! I stamped my index finger first. My hand was a little shaky on the application. My pinky finger turned out amazing though. 

This is image plate #221. It has four full nail designs that are 1cm x 4cm. Due to the size, this may not cover the entire nail for everyone. 

I used it as a fun narrow design on the fingers. I put two pieces of tape on both sides so that I would get a nice edge on all the nails. The base color is Ciate Amazing Grace. I used MoYouNails black for stamping.  
As you can see, the entire design did not completely transfer. Each nail looked a little different because the design picked up more on some parts than others. I think this was because the stamper was a little too small for the design. I think a square stamper is needed in order to get a nice even pick up of the pattern. Overall I still I think it turned out really nice! 

Here is another gradient using the essie fall 2014 collection. I think it turned out amazing.

The next plate is #202. This one has a lot of tiny designs.

I liked how the roses looked so much that I decided to stamp it over my entire nail. I used MoYouNails white for stamping. I added some nude color on some of the leaves. 
The pattern transferred so nicely EVERY time! This was my favorite plate out of all the ones I received. I actually received an extra one from the company that I will be including in a future giveaway.

This is plate #223. I love all the detail on this plate. Again, this one has four full nail designs 1cm x 2cm. 

This is ChinaGlaze 'Intelligence, Integrity, and Courage' stamped with MoYouNails white. 
I think the pattern turned out great! I think the pattern is simple and elegant for day and office life. 

Overall, I had a good experience with the plates. The more detailed designs took a little more patience and I would recommend them to users who have a good soft stamper like the one from MoYouNails. For beginners, I recommend the simple patterns and fun decals. They recently added more full nail designs. Click here so see the new products they have in store. 

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Stamping TIP: It is important to not swipe off too much if the design has a lot of detail. Also, be sure to work quickly and practice with stamping. Practice on a piece of paper before you decide to transfer to the nail. 

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*Items were sent for honest review*


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    1. stamping is a lot of fun! let me know if you have any questions :) I'd be happy to help!

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    1. Thanks :) I really like how it turned out!

  3. Hi dear, who won? The Rafflecopter say ''This contest is no longer accepting entries''

    1. The winner was Dawn Rockford! This giveaway is closed, but there is another giveaway going on. Check my more recent posts!