Thursday, July 28, 2016

Zoya Seashells and Sunsets | Summer 2016 Collection

If you live in California, then its summer all year round. These PixieDust polishes are perfect for an accent nail any time during the year. The PixieDust is a textured glittery polish. 

"Levi" is a gold glitter Pixidust. This is one thick coat. 

"Zooey" is a pink glitter. This is two thin coats. 

"Tilly" is a silver glitter with blue specks spread throughout the polish. This is two coats. 

"Cece" is a bright green glitter. This is two thin coats. This polish is very thin actually and you can see my nail line still. Unfortunately I am not too fond of this color. 

"Linds" is a ruby red glitter. This is one coat. This is the only polish that is nice and thick. The color looks just like the bottle. 

"Bay" is a thin blue glitter. Remind me of a mermaid scales tail. This is also another very see through polish. Unfortunately it does not look like the bottle at all. It is still a VERY pretty surprise!

Overall I enjoyed these polishes. My favorite was the gold polish, not that that came as a surprise to you. I will be using it as an accent polish all year round!! Grab the polishes on

*These items were sent for honest review*