Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Anchors Away Collection by Incoco

Happy Tuesday!

The Anchor Away Collection was released on July 15, 2014. The collection contains two solid colors and three designs. The three nail designs are: Coral Reef, Sandbar, and Hello Sailor. The designs are not considered nail stickers. They are 100% nail polish appliques that include a base, a color, and a top coat all in one. Ready to see the colors??

'Sandbar' + 'By the Sea' is a lovely combination. 'Sandbar' is a summer neutral and 'By the Sea' was shimmery neutral seashell. The colors are color neutral and perfect for the work environment. Both nail wraps were very easy to use.
'By The Sea' on index/ring finger + 'Sandbar' on middle/pinky finger

'Hello Sailor' is a mixed designs of sailor stripes in pink, navy, and teal. This nail polish appliques has so much detail. I love the pattern and wore it for four days straight.

'Yacht Party' is a mixed set of quilted anchor patterns, stripes, and gold chains. This nail polish appliques. I just love all the different patterns offered in this pack. You can wear them like I did or as an accent nail!

'Coral Reef' is a coral shade with delicate flecks of gold glitter. I just love how these turned out. They went on smoothly and look amazing.

Click here if you would like to see more patterns.

The product is sticky on application when you first open the package. The stickiness allows the nail wraps to stick well. Do not push down and apply pressure until you are sure. It will be hard to remove. I checked again about two weeks after I had opened the package (exposed to air) and the product was still usable for a second manicure. Also, the product did not require a top coat! This allows for me to save time. Overall, I had a great experience with these products.

*These items were sent for honest review*

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