Sunday, October 4, 2015

China Glaze Fall 2015 | The Great Outdoors

Today I have a review of the entire China Glaze Fall 2015 collection. There are a total of 12 polishes like with most of the collections released by China Glaze. There is a nice variety of creams, metallics, and shimmer polish. Hopefully there is something that sparks your interest. Now on to the swatches...

Change You Altitude
A cream gray polish. The polish was a  bit thin and left some patches on the first coat. On the second coat the polish appeared very opaque. The finish is a semi glossy. 

I added China Glaze 'Check out the silver fox' to the tips for some fun. It adds a nice twist to the regular mani.

I also did a bottle shot with China Glaze Five Rules which a more white based.

S'More Fun
A creamy lime green. This polish was more patchy than the previous polish. The second coat was opaque. The finish was semi glossy again. 

I added simple dots with China Glaze 'Take a Hike'

I did a bottle shot with Essie Vibrant Vibes which a lot more bright.

Take a Hike
A deep green cream polish. This is a one coat beauty. This finish was semi glossy. 

Sleeping Under The Stars
A deep blue cream with tiny red sparkles that appears in shifting shades. This is one coat. 

A metallic blue to purple shifting polish. The polish was sheer on the first coat with some patchy spots. Be careful with the stroke because it will leave streaks like shown in the picture. 

Cabin Fever
A metallic bronze polish. This is two coats. The polish was less streaky than the previous polish but it will leave some streaks if you are not careful.  The polish is very shiny.

Free Bear Hugs
A deep blood red polish. I used two coats in the picture because it showed some patches when pictured. For regular day use you only need one coat. Be sure to be careful when application because it can stain your cuticles. 

Gone Glamping
This polish is similar to Pondering in the bottle but a LOT different on the nails. When applied to the nail it is almost a gold shimmer.

Wood You Wanna?
A shimmer deep bronze. This is one coat. The finish is very shiny. 

Lets Dew It
A multicolor blue and purple and pink shimmer. A sheer top coat with blue base. This is two coats.

My lodge is your?
A taupe pink polish. This is one medium coat. 

Check Out The Silver Fox
A shimmer silver polish. This is one coat.

Overall The Great Outdoors 2015 collection reminded me a lot of fall. The only color that I didn't think belonged in the collection was S'More Fun. I loved the name though. 

ChinaGlaze The Great Outdoors will be available in August 2015 at Ulta and Sally Beauty Supply. MRSP $7.50 for individual shades. 

*Items were sent for honest review*