Friday, May 8, 2015

Anna Sui Nail Polish #325 & #324 | Review and Swatch

Happy Thursday!

Today I have a surprise mid week post. A quick review of Anna Sui nail polishes. I have never heard of this collection until it was gifted to me by my family. They bought it on the way back from asia because the bottle looked so unique.

First we have color #325. This color is a coral peach. The application was smooth and self leveling. The formula was thin and required three coats. The finish was very shiny!

Next we have color #324. This color is a beautiful blush pink. Perfect for weddings! I had the same experience with this polish. It needed three coats unfortunately with still a little see through on the ring finger. The dry time was quick. The final color is breath taking though! Seriously my new favorite color. I will endure the three coats for this lovely color. Perfect for weddings.

Overall, I can see why my family bought the polishes. The bottle shape and brand was appealing. The brush was easy to use as well. Over the formula was easy to work with. It was sheer but not watery. The polish also gives your nails a pretty smell once they have dried. The finish is very shiny! From searches online, I see the polishes running around $15 each. I would love to try more of the darker colors in the collection and just keep them all on my dresser as decoration. Until next time!

*Purchased by family*

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