Friday, September 5, 2014

Born Pretty Store Stamper + Plates

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I hope everyone is having a nice Friday, well this is my second post of the day. As you can see I got a little excited with the items that came in! Today I have another review from The Born Pretty Store. I was sent three items to review for the month of September. The items included a stamper and two cute plates I picked out.

This is my first time using a square stamper. I thought it would be good to try on rectangular full nail designs. I have been having some trouble with certain designs. This was the solution to my problem! The stamper is firm and little squishy. I think it works better for advance stamping techniques. I posted a video on my YouTube channel (Christy Dee) if you are interested in seeing how it works. The scraper is metal as you can see in the picture below. Unfortunately, I noticed it does scratch the plate if you are not gentle. This is why I opt out to use plastic scrapers. It still works well, but you need to be gentle.

The link to the stamper is here.  I liked this stamper set and would recommend it for those of you who have longer nails.

The next two items are stamping plates. The first plate is item #14688. This plate has four full nail designs. All the designs transferred very well to the stamper I received in the review. I decided to take a crack at advance stamping techniques with this plate. It worked out very nicely. The leaf design was perfect. I included a photo below on the final product.
I had a good experience with this plate. The polish was really easy to pick up. I used Essie Fall in Line for stamping and filled in with Nichole by OPI Alex by the Books and Essie Ruffles and Feathers. I will included a video of the technique on my Instagram if you would like to see. Let me know in the comments if you would like me to explain the process and I can add it in. Here is the direct link to the item so you won't have to search around.

The next plate is item #14747. I chose this plate because it had a lot of line designs. I thought it would fun to have a little more freedom with stamping. I used one of the curved designs on two of my nails. I stamped with CultCosmetics El Porto on top of Joshua Tree. 
I think this design turned out very nice. It is simple and elegant. I noticed that with stamping it can become overwhelming when it covers the entire nail. This design adds just a touch of detail that I think is appropriate for work. This plate is currently sold out on the website but be sure to check consistently they restock often!

Overall, I had a good experience with the designs again. The plates from this store do not dissapoint and they are such a good deal at $2.99 each. Also head over to there site to vote for new stamping plates they are releasing. Participates will be enter to win some plates too! 

*Items were sent for honest review*

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