Sunday, September 14, 2014

Appliq Nail Wraps Review + Giveaway!!

Good evening!

Today I have a review on five nail wrap designs by Appliq. The nail wraps come in sets of 16 nail strips enclosed in a plastic wrapping. The wraps have a matte finish and are very easy to use. They are not too sticky and allow you to reposition them if you are not satisfied. Below is snap shot of all five designs I chose to review. The website has so many designs to chose from!

Alright, lets get started! The first set is 'Morocco'. There are five different designs in this set. I decided to show my four favorite designs. The colors are very pigmented and the pattern is very unique.

The second set is 'Blush Bouquet'. There are four different designs in this set. It is a perfect girly mix that would be perfect for weddings.

The third set is 'Fuchsia Explosion'. There are two different designs in this set. This design is so vibrant and detailed! No way would I be able to do this with a brush. Glad I could just slap these on in less than a few minutes.

The fourth set is 'Maps and Mermaids'. There are three different designs in this set. My sister loved this design. Again I love how much detail is in this design. It would be crazy difficult to draw this myself.

I had the opportunity to design my own set of nail wraps! I chose a bunch of fun designs on their website. You can even download any pictures and put them on the nail wraps. I like how you can put one picture or design on each nail strip. So essentially you can have 16 different nail wrap designs for accent nails! Just an idea ;)

Overall I enjoyed the nail wraps! The ends of the wraps can be filed off with the file that was included in the package. The file is nice but since I have shorter nails I had to use a file with smaller grains. The wraps do not have a plastic covering over each stripe like other brands. This is nice cause you do not have to peel it away, but you have to be more careful to not get stuff stuck on them.

*The best way to apply the strips is to pull the middle of the strip and pressing down. To avoid wrinkles, you need to pull one side at a time towards the middle. *

Guess what?!? Appliq was kind enough to provide lot of goodies for an INTERNATIONAL giveaway. The winner will win any 5 nail wrap designs of their choice from the website! The giveaway will go live on 9/15 and end 9/29 at midnight!

1. 18+ or parent consent
2. International (must provide company with address to send once you have won)
3. Fill in the rafflecopter gadget below and fulfill all the tasks for lots of entries!

Have fun and good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*The items were sent for honest review*


  1. Cool Pool, Knock on Wood, Why You Plaid Tho, Tartan 3, Somewhere in Brooklyn! It was hard to pick just 5!

  2. So many nice designs! Acid Dot, You And I Tonight, Pearl Inlay, Lawn Flamingos, Globe ♥ thanks for the giveaway!!

  3. Blue Fluorite, Trippy Tapestry, Metallic Bubbles, Ay! Sea Turtles, Touch


  4. Cool pool,fair isle,black cat,Maya redux and wavellite!

  5. I would like to personalize them with pix of my dogs! But of the ones they already have, I would pick: "sunrise x sunset", "because," "you and I tonight," "starry night," and "succulents." These are pretty great. It was hard to choose!

  6. I would love to customize one of a pic of my yorkie. I also like somewhere in Brooklyn, Moroco, 15 Step, Autumn Hibiscus. Thx for amazing giveaway.

  7. I would pick cool pool, brick please, the one you had with the maps, sunrise x sunset, i dont know, they're allmso fab!!

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    1. Love the coral floral, tiki Tuesday, if you like pina coladas, lady in lace, and lace. Would love to make my own too!

  9. Omg! every design is sooo beautiful but my faves are: Acid dot, Why do you plaid tho?, abstraction, cold light and lotus mandala. Xo~

  10. I love your nails!! Gorgeous des play of these wraps ❤️ I fave California girls, blush bouquet, Lucy's stone, candy paint and cool pool