Thursday, July 10, 2014

Winstonia Stamping Plates Review

Today I have a review on stamping plates from Winstonia. After having a great experience with my other set of stamping plates from another company, I just had to try these two plates below...

"On the road" plate has lots of fun designs. I enjoyed the combination of patterns that covered my entire nail as well as the smaller decals that I can use for accent nails. The patterns transferred perfectly. Just be sure to use a steady hand since there is so much detail in each design. I used different essie polishes for the base and designs. 

"Call me golfer" plate is another combination plate. I liked how the square designs are versatile. They are considered 'golf' patterns, yet can be worn as a classy manicure. I used different essie polishes for the base and design. The only problem I had was with the bottom middle design on the plate. I was not able to get it to transfer nicely. The rest of the patterns transferred perfectly.

Direct link to Call Me Golfer

Well I hope you liked all the pictures!

Tips for stamping:

  • Prime your stamper. Just use a nail file to make it less shiny. The one I ordered was actually not shiny but sticky. I just did it anyways, but probably didn't have to.
  • Use polish that has a good consistency (not too thin or runny) so it fills all the detail in the plate. In the image above I used Essie Urban Jungle. Just make sure it is opaque enough on the color you plan on stamping onto.
  • Use any card at 45 angle to swipe. Reswipe with excess on card if the entire image is not full. 
  • Immediately stamp. Either roll it on or stamp directly down. Find out what works for you and is more steady.
  • Lift up and use a Q tip with nail polish remover to get rid of excess design on stamper that you don't want transferred
  • Then transfer to nail. It might take a couple times to get use to lining up the design. Just go slow and roll from one side to the other while pressing firmly.
  • Add top coat before removing excess so you don't risk damaging the stuff you want to keep
  • Be sure to wipe the plate clean with nail polish after each stamp attempt. Must let it dry or else the next one might smear. 
Overall I had a good experience with these plates. I had to use a metal scraper that came with my stamper to get a good transfer instead of the business card I usually use. 

*These items were sent for honest review*

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