Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate Review

Today I have a review on three stamping plates that were sent to me from the Born Pretty Store.

"Nail Art Stamp Template Cute Snow Heart Pattern" (product number #15088) has a lovely selection of heart patterns. While selecting the items in the store I was afraid that the square cluster of hearts would be too small for my finger. It turned out to be bigger! This was perfect so I was able to use it the short way actually to get the part of the heart design I wanted. The image transferred perfectly onto my nails as you can see below.

In this image I used Inmnails Beatrice as a base and stamped with Essie Urban Jungle.

Then I tried the snow flakes. The design was very detailed. I will be using this plate again in the winter months during christmas for sure!

The manicure below makes me think of Frozen! I used China Glaze Fade into Hue and Orly polish Etoile for the sparkles. I stamped with Essie Blanc. This was super easy to use and it looks so polished.

Here is another manicure I did with two of the plates. "Nail Art Stamp Template Pretty Bowknot Strawberry Pattern F09" was used for the super cute birds. I stamped with Essie Urban Jungle when I should have used Essie Blanc. The design isn't as sharp but it still think it looks so cute!
Here is another one with the same stamper. The detail in the flower transferred nicely. Be sure to wait enough time for the stamped product to dry or else you will get some slight smearing like I did.

The last plate I have for you is "Nail Art Stamp Template Quirky Arabesque Pattern QA88" (Plate number #15087). This a fun spring mani I did with Essie colors. I love how the design has so many options. If you want a set area, then just block it out with washi/painter tape. The trick to using this plate is to scrape towards the middle and to you use a scraper that is slightly bending. For example, I used a business card rather than a credit card. It turned out great! A design that took less than two minutes would have taken me forever by hand. I am not that skilled and probably won't ever be.

Well I hope you liked all the pictures!

Tips for stamping:
  • Prime your stamper. Just use a nail file to make it less shiny. The one I ordered was actually not shiny but sticky. I just did it anyways, but probably didn't have to.
  • Use polish that has a good consistency (not too thin or runny) so it fills all the detail in the plate. In the image above I used Essie Urban Jungle. Just make sure it is opaque enough on the color you plan on stamping onto.
  • Use any card at 45 angle to swipe. Reswipe with excess on card if the entire image is not full. 
  • Immediately stamp. Either roll it on or stamp directly down. Find out what works for you and is more steady.
  • Lift up and use a Q tip with nail polish remover to get rid of excess design on stamper that you don't want transferred
  • Then transfer to nail. It might take a couple times to get use to lining up the design. Just go slow and roll from one side to the other while pressing firmly.
  • Add top coat before removing excess so you don't risk damaging the stuff you want to keep
  • Be sure to wipe the plate clean with nail polish after each stamp attempt. Must let it dry or else the next one might smear. 
So far I love my first experience with stamping! The stamper and plates from Born Pretty Store are perfect for first timers who want to try but don't want to spend lots of money. Just be sure to put washi tape or painter tape around the edge because it is a little sharp. These items are from Born Pretty Store. Use by code: GIFTx31 to get 10% OFF and FREE SHIPPING. The plates run from .99 to 2.99 

*Items were provided for honest review*

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