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Essie 'Jiggle High, Jiggle Low' Winter 2014 Collection + Stamping Review

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Sorry for the lack of blog post, life has been very busy and I had to put this on pause for a bit. Enough about me, lets talk polish! Today I have a review of the Essie Winter 2014 collection plus fun stamping nail art with plates from Born Pretty Store. These colors remind me more of spring, but either way I love most of the collection since I'm a sucker for pinks.

'Tuck it in my tux' is a semi-sheer white polish. The color is sheer with 1 coat. The formula was creamy with a really shiny finish, but you must be careful on application. This is two coats, which is must better and evened out. I compared it to two coats of Essie 'Ballet Slippers' on my thumb. The two are similar but 'Tuck it in my tux' is more white and opaque in person and on camera. This color is subtle enough for me to wear to work and feel comfortably.

'Back in the limo' is a semi-sheer pink polish. This is two medium coats. The formula is jelly and shiny. The formula was similar to the previous color. I compared it to Essie 'A crewed interest' (color on my ring finger) which is similar. 'A crewed interest' has more of a white base. I added some decals from Monica Hues

'Bump up the pumps' a pinky coral. The formula was creamy and really easy to apply!! I feel like this is more of a valentine's day color rather than a winter color. I'm just happy it is part of my collection now. This is 2 thin coat, but I could have gotten away with 1 medium coat. I didn't have anything that was exactly similar but I found Milani 'Corrupted Coral' was close (middle and pinky finger). 'Bump up the pumps' is a bit darker/subtle on my pointer and ring finger. I had a couple followers on IG say its similar to Sunday Funday. Unfortunately I did not have this color in my collection anymore. I also did some nail art by adding nail decals from Monica Hues. She just came out with gold/silver/halographic colors and this is the halographic one. Patterns are so fun to work with!

'Double breast jacket' is a pinky red polish. The formula was creamy and really easy to apply. Only 1 coat needed! The collection is getting better as I go along. I compared it to Essie 'Style Hunter' which I thought was the closes in comparison looking at the bottle. I used 2 coats of Style Hunter to see how close it would come, which was really darn close. In person 'Double breasted jacket' is a tiny bit darker, but on camera its...pretty close. What do you guys think? I did some nail art with China Glaze 'I'd melt for you' stamped with Born Pretty Store Plate # 17258. I love all the detail in this plate!

'Jump in my jumpsuit' is a dark red polish. This is 1 coat. The formula was smooth, less creamy than the previous polish but still very easy to work with. I stamped with Essie 'Penny Talk'  and Born Pretty Store Plate # 16857 which turned out really nice! All the fine detail transferred nicely.

"Jiggle high, jiggle low" is a gold glitter polish. This is only 1 coat with no spot addition. The formula was smooth, self leveling, and overall amazing. The polish has a nice shiny finish as well. I was afraid like with most glitters you would be able to see the bumps, but not this one. The glitter is very fine. I did some nail art as well. I used Born Pretty Store  plate #17204 and stamped with MoYouNails grey. I love the effect it gave!

All the nail stamping was done with plates from the born pretty store. The company has lots of variety to chose from and at very cheap prices. Hopefully you have fun looking at all the pretty patterns on the site!

Overall I liked all the colors. I think the pink theme is more valentines day or spring collection. I feel like a blue hues set would have fit more for winter, but it was a nice surprise. 

I wish the formula on the first two would have been like the others, but I don't mind spending the extra time to get the beautiful colors. Like most brands, colors are always similar to previously released colors but not exactly the same. What did you guys think of the collection? Have you heard about the Essie Matte Collection?!? Those look amazing, I can not wait to get my hands on them. 

*Items were sent for honest review*

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