Thursday, June 5, 2014

China Glaze Summer 2014 Review + Comparison

This is the China Glaze Summer Collection. I added some polish comparisons for you to enjoy!

Feel The Breeze
Bright pink that defines nails and makes it look crisp. 

Pro: 2 coats. Good formula. 
Con: Needs top coat since semi gloss/matte dry. Semi self-leveling (just put less on). 

Fun zigzag inspired by @sloteazzy with acrylic pain.

Float On
Float on - Bright fusia pink. 

Pro: pigmented. 1 coater. Glossy dry. 
Con: Formula on thicker side (allows for full coverage) 

Dune our thing
Fushia purple prink. 

Pro: one coat. no top coat. pigmented. shiny dry. self-leveling. 
Con: thicker (just put less on brush) 

Compared to Essie Too Taboo. CG is darker in tone. 

Want N' Sea
bright ocean blue. 

Pro: pigmented. 1 coat. great formula, shiny. self-leveling. 
Con - none. 

Comparison with I'm Addicted. CG is more teal. Essie needed two coats.

Dark purple. 

Pro: pigmented. 1 coat. no top coat. self-leveling. shiny. 
Con: None! 

I Sea The Point
Bright blue creme.

Pro: pigmented, 1 coat, no top coat
Con: None

Hope you enjoyed my swatches. The quality of the formula was amazing. I didn't expect them to be so opaque. My favorite is X-TA-SEA. Be sure to check out my giveaway on my Instagram at ends June 19, 2014 to win some of these fun colors.

*Items were purchased by me*

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